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Coaches Corner

CHANGE U08 Penalty Area added!

A change to U08 play - the field now contains BOTH the Goal Area and NEW THIS YEAR is the addition of the Penalty Area. AGAIN, All THAT WAS DONE WAS TO ADD THE PENALTY AREA to the field. 

What this will do is add more area for the Goal Keeper to patrol and make them more a part-of the game. Goal kicks must still be taken from somewhere along the Goal Area line but the Goal Keeper may now patrol the entire Penalty Area for goal protection and use the same area for kicks after retrieving an attempted shot on goal. We hope this will help our young and inexperienced Goal Keeper’s by allowing them to release the ball from a more advanced position – along with limiting the hawking of an inexperienced Goal Keeper


Goalie Jersey's are in - all coaches are welcome to pick-up a NEW GOALIE JERSEY. Chose a different color than your team to make your goalie stand-out as a different player. LOCATED AT Referee Stations at Rice Ranch and Orcutt Academy. Please help yourself to ONE JERSEY ONLY PER TEAM. 

Coaching Education Resources

Cal South Expands their coaching education resources. Click on the link title and check out What's New on Coaching Education at Cal South. More to follow, check back regularly for new information.

Paul Ollice

Paul Ollice

Vice President

Phone: 689-9950

Gus Vargas

Gus Vargas

Director of Spring League

Phone: 260-6129

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Concussion Training

All Coaches must complete the Concussion Training Course. 

Link: http://www.cdc.gov/concussion/headsup/online_training.html